FSU entrepreneurs DivvyUp success

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – What began as a class project in March 2014 has become an entrepreneurial success with a social conscience.

Gov. Rick Scott recently recognized two Florida State University undergraduate students, Jason McIntosh and Mitch Nelson, with the Governor’s Young Entrepreneur Award.

Their successful company, DivvyUp, began as a class project in March 2014 to help provide the homeless community with socks. DivvyUp sends one pair of socks to a homeless shelter with every pair of socks sold, and has already provided over 3,200 pairs of socks to homeless shelters across Florida. McIntosh and Nelson recently won first place in FSU’s 2015 Jim Moran Institute’s InNOLEvation Challenge business model competition.

“Jason and Mitch’s innovative ideas and strong work ethic are helping thousands of homeless people across the state,” Scott said. “I am proud of the impact they are making and I look forward to seeing DivvyUp’s continued success in Florida.”

The entrepreneurship began with a visit to a local homeless shelter.

“It is truly a honor to be recognized by Governor Scott for the work we are doing in our community,” McIntosh said. “This award adds both validity and momentum to DivvyUp’s journey. What started as a class project in Tallahassee, has turned into a mission to give amazing socks to the world.”

To learn more about the Governor’s Young Entrepreneur Award, visit HireFloridaGrads.com.

Image courtesy of Gov. Rick Scott

Source: Gov. Rick Scott

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